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Nurture your child(ren)'s spiritual growth with expert online Qur'an tutoring.

Amidst the complexities of society, our expert Qur’an tutoring nurtures young Muslims’ faith, empowering them to learn and uphold Islamic values with ease.






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Qurraa is a pioneering online Islamic school affiliated with the Haramain Halaqats, committed to imparting timeless knowledge of the Quran through specialised programs in Tarteel and Tahfeez. Founded on the principles of faith, knowledge, and dedication, we provide a virtual sanctuary where students from across the globe can learn, grow, and connect with the Deen under the guidance of our experienced tutors. Our affiliation with the Haramain Halaqats ensures stellar Islamic education, globally recognised certifications, and a gateway to further studies at the Haramain.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is driven by a deep passion for preserving the beauty of the Qur’an in the heart of every Muslim. We aim to build a tranquil community for all seekers of knowledge to build lifelong connections with the Deen and transform into vibrant minds that radiate the light of Islam.

Give your Child(ren) the opportunity  to KNOW and CONNECT with the Deen in order to

Develop a strong sense of identity and belonging

Build a life-long moral compass based on islamic values

Gain the linguistic edge of learning the Arabic language

Build resilience against negative societal influences

Connect deeply with the deen for comfort, purpose and guidance 

Become a custodian of the Qur’an by mastering its text and spreading its message.

Our Programs

 Recitation (Tarteel)

 Memorization (Tahfiz)


At Qurraa, we blend the purity of the Deen with the workings of modern pedagogy, fostering an environment where traditional Islamic teachings are harmoniously integrated with contemporary learning techniques.

Expert Tutors

Our tutors are highly qualified and experienced, with a passion for teaching and nurturing young minds

Convenient Online Options

We offer flexible online tutoring options to suit your busy schedule.

Learner-centered Curriculum

Our teaching is designed to meet each learner's needs and realities, ensuring personalised & impactful experiences.

Progress reports and feedback

 We provide regular reports and feedback to ensure accountability and value for money

Haramain Seal

Our students are vetted & certified at major milestones by the esteemed Halaqats (study circles) of the Haramain, with an opportunity to pursue further studies there if they choose.

Pricing Plans

Get your child(ren) started on any of our programs today and watch them blossom into confident and knowledgeable ambassadors of Islam.

$60 per learner

$150 per learner

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